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Cell Block Survival is a one-day course designed to address the realities of working in a jail or correctional environment and enhance officer safety. Rooted in our foundational belief that quality training should offer realistic, practical and immediately applicable tools for those who work in one of the most stressful and dangerous professions on the planet, the goal of this class is simple:

1. Provide elite training, from the newest officer to the seasoned professional and administrators.
2. Arm officers with techniques to help understand their environment, be constantly aware of their surroundings and solve the problems they are faced with on a daily basis.
3. Enhance the skills of the officer to control the irrational, work with the mentally ill or those in a medical crisis, and understand the subtle, non-verbal cues that identify signs of pre-attack.
4. Prepare officers to win force encounters, in the cell and in court. Review physiological responses and how it affects our ability to make effective decisions under stress. We will examine critical incidents and lessons learned from them.

This course is constantly evolving, incorporating current events and relevant supporting material that meet the needs of today’s Jail Deputies and Corrections Officers and facility Administrators. During this dynamic and entertaining seminar, participants will discuss and learn about the following:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Understanding and responding to Critical Incidents
  • The value of Safety and Action Plans
  • Balancing work and personal lives
  • Detecting Deceptive behaviors and the Importance of Building Rapport
  • Pre-Attack Indicators
  • Escalation, De-Escalation and the Winning Mindset
  • Working with the Mentally Ill and those in Crisis
  • Immediate vs. Calculated Use of Force
  • Going to court (and how not to)
  • and much more!

The Interview and Interrogation Series is a multi-day, essential training program rooted in our foundational belief that qualituy training should provide evidence-based, practical, and immediately applicable tools for officer safety. – Calibre Press