Advanced Patrol Tactics: Patrol, Vehicle Stops and Officer Safety

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Advanced Patrol Tactics: Patrol, Vehicle Stops and Officer Safety
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Course Description

Injuries and deaths – to both officers and citizens – and damage that negatively impacts the police/community relationship most often occur during “routine” uniformed police duties. Street Patrol is one of the most common, yet dangerous actions performed by police officers. Responding to calls in progress, traffic stops, and citizen encounters are a leading cause of grievances and physical harm.

This 3 hour, highly informative course utilizes current videos and illustrations to examine how to prevent these occurrences.

Regardless of agency size, this class benefits every officer from rookies to veterans. From handcuffing and arrest techniques, to de-escalation and communication, this course will make you safer on the streets – ingraining best practices into your “toolbox.” While the course is designed to be dynamic, practical and fun, it takes the subject of officer safety very seriously. By the end of the seminar, you will be able to immediately implement new tactics and techniques which will increase your confidence and dramatically improve your officer safety skills.

This course is constantly evolving, incorporating current events and relevant supporting material that meet the professional needs of Law Enforcement.

Course topics include:

  • Traffic Stop Fundamentals
  • Examine Recent “High Profile” Cases and the Lessons LearnedUnique
  • Vehicles (motorcycles, vans, SUV’s and more)
  • Ambush Attack Awareness
  • Exclusive Tactics for Nighttime Patrol
  • Responding to Alarm Drops and “In Progress” Calls
  • Dealing with Combative Motorists
  • Case Laws that pertain to Vehicle Stops
  • And more!


The Interview and Interrogation Series is a multi-day, essential training program rooted in our foundational belief that qualituy training should provide evidence-based, practical, and immediately applicable tools for officer safety. – Calibre Press