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A deadly force decision is one of the most impactful and stressful an officer can make. It’s most often made in the blink of an eye and will happen under the highest level of stress a body will ever experience.

Are you prepared for that moment?

Do you understand the psychological and biological issues that come into play when you’re under that kind of pressure? Are you prepared to override the mental and physical anomalies that surface in extreme- stress situations? This course will demonstrate the realities of what happens to the body as it experiences acute stress, and offer tools to help maintain physical, psychological and physiological control over it.

Chief Scott Hughes will confront these critical issues through the lens of science and discuss the underlying reasons officers overreact, behave unprofessionally and even use unnecessary force.

Topics will include 

  • What the body experiences under extreme
  • Understanding acute, sudden-onset
  • Time, speed & behavior in lightning-fast force
  • Critically evaluating your training and considering where you may need
  • Visual, auditory & cognitive phenomenon that can impact
  • Evaluating the Constitutionality of
  • Step-by-step dissections of actual force encounters recorded on

The Interview and Interrogation Series is a multi-day, essential training program rooted in our foundational belief that qualituy training should provide evidence-based, practical, and immediately applicable tools for officer safety. – Calibre Press