Implicit Bias; Understanding its Impact on Actions & Decisions - Trainer Certification Program

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Implicit Bias – Online
Understanding Its Impact on Actions & Decisions

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Course Description

There’s no doubt all people have multiple forms of unconscious biases. Our brains are designed to develop and form them as we experience life. Some of those biases are useful, some are maladaptive. The question for those in the criminal justice profession today is: Are any of our biases, those of an illicit nature, negatively impacting our ability to deal with others fairly, equitably, and professionally?

Designed by Lt. Jim Glennon, a 30-year police veteran with a degree in Psychology, this course examines the reality of all biases and their influence on behavior especially when it comes to race, diversity, interaction skills and the use of force. Students will discuss how racial biases may cause officers to innately view certain people as dangerous without merit, which in turn can affect their subsequent decisions and behavior.

Finally, this course teaches students how to instruct the curriculum to fellow officers and encourage dialog about how bias impacts communication, stress and the decision to use force.

Course topics will include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Why the course needs to exist: PC mandate or necessary examination?
  • Who needs to attend?
  • The most current of events that involve race and the police
  • Video analysis of force events: The influence of bias?
  • Why we have biases and how they work
  • Biases: Implicit, explicit and illicit
  • The difference between prejudice and racism
  • Systemic & Individual solutions
  • Responsibility: Culture, Command, Training & Leadership
  • The Police, the Public, the Media & Use of Force Facts vs. Myths
  • Articulating consciously what the unconscious perceives
  • Presentation Skills – Enhancing the Instructor in You
  • Diversity, disparity, and being called a racist
  • The psychology of bias and its real-world impact
  • Bias awareness for successful interactions
  • Illicit racial bias and decision making
  • Complete communication: The most important skill we possess

The Interview and Interrogation Series is a multi-day, essential training program rooted in our foundational belief that qualituy training should provide evidence-based, practical, and immediately applicable tools for officer safety. – Calibre Press