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Calls involving people coping with PTSD can be particularly challenging and dangerous for responding officers. They’re commonly characterized by hard-to-predict, rapidly changing and sometimes extremely intense behavior. Without appropriate training, officers may face increased risk by not being prepared to navigate the tactical and psychological nuances of these calls.

This course will help. The insights, tactics and techniques shared will prepare you to more safely and effectively interact with those suffering from PTSD.

Topics will include:

  • The two foundational principles that will most help you to deal with someone with PTSD.
  • Unique tactical considerations for PTSD-related calls.
  • 13 signs & symptoms to watch for that may indicate you’re dealing with post-traumatic stress issues.
  • Understanding how PTSD develops and the impact it has on the thinking and behavior of its “victims.”
  • 7 tips for calming someone during a PTSD episode—and strategies for getting them to help you do that.
  • Tips for gathering information from someone with PTSD and monitoring and reacting to changes in the situational dynamics based on the subject’s demeanor and behavior.
  • Why leveraging the power of a “stop, look & listen” approach can make all the difference in a PTSD-related interaction.

The Interview and Interrogation Series is a multi-day, essential training program rooted in our foundational belief that qualituy training should provide evidence-based, practical, and immediately applicable tools for officer safety. – Calibre Press